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The aim ... of individual therapy is to increase your well-being!


My integrative approach ... weaves together various therapeutic modalities, techniques, methods, insights, experiences and by taking into account the different ways of human functioning, seeks to use the most suitable approaches for each individual, by understanding them in a more multi-faceted way.


The focus of this approach ... is on gaining greater self-awareness, growth and self-actualization and not on the diagnosis, evaluation, or treatment of a disorder.


My role ... is to act more as a guide accompanying and orienting you on your personal journey, helping you to accept, value and love yourself, make healthier decisions, create purposeful goals, as well as to free you from restricting assumptions, limiting beliefs and attitudes, in order to live a fuller, freer more authentic life.


The HOLDING SPACE ... is available for a wide range of concerns like:-  

feeling stuck or blocked, dissatisfaction, anxiety and panic, traumatic experiences, stress, low self-esteem, anger issues, low moods, self-criticism, life transitions and change, troubling situations, general confusion, interpersonal difficulties.


The HOLDING SPACE ... is also available for people who may not have a particular concern in mind but who wish to explore their own personal process and to become more self-aware at a deeper level.


Self-development ... is moment by moment life process where we can learn to be a conscious, creative, active part of our process. It makes all the difference!

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