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MINDFULNESS ...  is a state of being, where you maintain non-judgemental awareness in the present moment. It is about being more aware and awake in every moment of your life. It is the ability to TRAIN your ATTENTION so that you choose where you want to focus it and in this way you can learn to be more engaged in whatever is happening around you and within you. It involves bringing an attitude of curiosity, acceptance and friendliness to whatever is experienced, rather than habitual patterns of judgment and criticism.


Like any form of exercise, it will take PRACTICE to see the benefits.

And the main benefit you will experience is Well-being.


WELL-BEING ... is the experience of balance in body, mind and emotions. It is a state of being comfortable, healthy and often happy, content and satisfied with life.

It’s a myth that you should feel happy all the time. Instead, being emotionally healthy and maintaining your well-being means experiencing all your emotions (anger, sadness, fear, joy, excitement) and then dealing with them in a mindful way.

EMBODIMENT ... is a mutual relationship of the body and the mind to subjectively experience the "felt sense" of being in our bodies in the moment.  Through "embodied consciousness", where the body and the mind are brought together, we can mindfully be aware of living our lives through the sense experiences of our body - We taste our food and feed fear in our stomachs.


By bringing regular awareness to our body’s sensations, energy levels, moods, and needs in each moment, we can learn how to create more ways of living more consciously in our body, regulate our nervous system and set goals and intentions from this embodied place.

Our breath is like a bridge between our body and our minds

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