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The diversity of people and their issues, combined with my own variety of experiences, interests and studies have led me to a more unifying approach to Personal Well-Being.



… uses different approaches depending on the client‘s needs. It considers the whole person – mind, body, spirit – and provides a space where you can experience ALL of your parts.

Years of psychotherapeutic training, and my capacity for deep listening, will serve to guide you through your inner labyrinths and help to further awaken one of your greatest gifts, PRESENCE CENTRED AWARENESS.


… both inner and outer, is the main focus of this therapy & life orientation.


Awareness Practice in the Present moment (can also be referred to as mindfulness) helps us to achieve greater awareness of what is being done, thought and felt in the here and now rather than on what was (past), or what might be, could be, or should be (future). It is the ability to stay open and be fully alive, attuned and receptive to all that presents itself in the moment.


… is placed on being conscious of yourself and your life through observing how you engage with it or how you avoid engaging with it

… is not placed on diagnosis, evaluation, or treatment of a disorder.


When awareness shines its light in the moment, our old rigid patterns and belief systems are illuminated and a twofold process is activated:-



Here we observe, explore and cleanse the patterns, beliefs and mental noise with awareness.



When we are present in the here and now, each moment is a fertile moment, full of inner and outer potential. Instead of being stuck in the patterns and beliefs of the past, you are awake to change and newness, to growth and learning.


You become more authentic and real to yourself and this, in turn, helps you to engage with life in a real, conscious way.


… I am your trustworthy guide and fellow traveller, accompanying and orienting you on your personal journey, helping you to accept and value yourself, as well as free you from restricting assumptions and attitudes in order to live a fuller, freer more authentic life.

I will give you the space necessary to confront the problems you are currently facing in an atmosphere of openness, mindfulness, creativity and active exploration, love and respect.

Years of therapeutic training, a Humanistic Integrative approach and my ability to listen and observe deeply, will serve to guide you through your inner and outer labyrinths.


… is a powerful, non-judgemental, supportive space created by you and me, that allows us to explore your deeper places within.

  • Become aware of … your own responsibility in your personal growth, where you are responsible for both your action and inaction, your choices, your decisions and indecisions.

  • Become aware of … your inner potential for self-development and of the possibilities to create new ways of being and interacting in the world that are more fluid instead of rigid and constricting; a way of more authentic living and interacting with more present-centered awareness, learning to accept all of who we are, the perceived positive as well as negative qualities.

  • Become aware of … your patterns and limiting beliefs so that you can explore what may be underlying the difficulties you are experiencing.

  • Become aware of … your needs, feelings, thoughts and fantasies which allows us to get an insight into your hidden, subconscious, unfinished and unresolved processes that have their origin in the past but manifest themselves in the here and now. These unresolved processes are responsible for your present feelings, thoughts and perceptions and they influence your present life.

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